Trash – Recycled

Family Concert

Trash – Recycled


Duration: 1 hour. There is no interval.

It rumbles, bangs and rattles when the crazy percussion experts Hamilton and Mikkelsen
brings out the music playing on bins, bicycles and plastic pipes.

Have you considered that there may still be plenty of life in your waste? It is full of music
and funny sounds that make classical pieces of music jump and dance with renewed

That's what the mad scientists, trash enthusiasts and drum wizards of the duo Trash want
to show you and your family with this concert. By uniting classical music with stomp,
percussion and theatre, they have created a powerful, entertaining and highly addictive
genre mix, which has made its way through concert halls throughout Europe.

Each concert is a musical experience out of the ordinary, and even the audience will be
integrated and an active part of the music.

And don't worry, Trash clean it all up at the end….