Bergen Philharmonic Orchestra is Eco-Lighthouse certified and classified as Eco-Lighthouse in 2022. This means that we and our partners must comply with strict criteria to be able to run our concert- and production activities, which we aim to be as sustainable as possible. Our sustainable measures are embodied in our action plans, and we keep climate accounting
in accordance with the standard set by Eco-Lighthouse. Several of our measures are included in our collaboration with Grieghallen, which is Eco-Lighthouse and Klimapartner certified. This means that all stages in our productions are to be as sustainable as possible.

We inform our audience about our environmental measures through our own channels. All employees and partners have been supplied with the required information about our certification.

Transport and travel routines
We facilitate environment friendly transport, and we encourage our substitutes, visiting musicians and audience to choose environment friendly transport options when possible. Grieghallen is close to public transport and has facilities for bicycle parking and City bikes available for our audience as well as for our employees.

Energy-saving measures
We have, in collaboration with Grieghallen, focus on energy-saving measures such as heating and sustainable technical solutions.

All our main partners and suppliers are environmentally certified.

Disposable items
The use of disposable items is reduced to a minimum.

We have, in collaboration with Grieghallen, an efficient system for source sorting and waste stations are easily available throughout the building.

Catering for our audience is organized and executed by De bergenske, hired by Grieghallen. In our own canteen there is focus on reducing food waste.

Sound level
We have focus on safety for our employees and our audience. We do therefore have hearing protection easily available for employees and audience in productions making noise over 92 decibels.