Symphony for all of Grieghallen

Bergen Philharmonic at Bergen International Festival

Symphony for all of Grieghallen


​Please note: The first half of this performance does not have the normal arrangement of a stage and auditorium, and there are no reserved seats. The musicians will perform from different parts of the auditorium and the foyer, and the audience is encouraged to move between spaces to experience the music. During the second half of the performance, the musicians will be on stage in Griegsalen and the audience will sit on the seat specified on their ticket.

Music to wander in.

In 2022, Øyvind Torvund created a Symphony for Kunstnernes Hus as an artistic installation in the form of music. The audience moved freely from room to room, listening. Now, this year's festival composer has further developed the symphony with Grieghallen in mind.

In his new Symphony, the musicians of the Bergen Philharmonic Orchestra will be found throughout various parts of the concert hall. The string players may be located in the dressing room area, brass players on the stage, and in between these saxophonist Kjetil Møster, Jørgen Træen on synth and electric guitar and percussionist Jennifer Torrence will be performing. The audience can explore Grieghallen's levels and the sound of the music as they wish.

'I have thought of this concert as a festival. I've always liked the feeling of walking around different rooms and experiencing various simultaneous moods and energies. In Grieghallen, the musicians will be in groups, and you can decide for yourself how close you want to get to the different stages,' says Torvund.

After the intermission, Grieg's immortal Piano Concerto in A minor will be performed, with the young Alexandra Dovgan as the soloist. She was born in 2007 and has made a meteoric rise with performances in Europe's largest concert halls in recent years.

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