Komposaurus Rex & other philharmonic fossiles

Summer Concert in Nygårdsparken

Komposaurus Rex & other philharmonic fossiles


Free open-air concert

Bergen’s distinguished Dinosaur Association invites you to its annual general meeting, with the promise that this year, none of the audience will be on the lunch menu!

Professor Grøndahl-Anning is back from his latest excavation of the Vienna Concert Hall’s foundations and is here to share his incredible discoveries - among them, an entirely new species: the ‘composaurus’.

Among these long-extinct specimens we find the Bachiosaurus and the Mozartosaurus Rex, both very noisy specimens! Come along, grab your logbook (we’ll provide those), and help the Professor catalogue these extraordinary and newly discovered creatures who make a lot of noise and sound…well, actually pretty good!

This concert for all the family invites adults and children into an immersive world of classical music that will start the moment you arrive at the concert. Join us for a fun-filled, larger-than-life Saturday in the company of some very big beasts indeed!

The summer concerts are generously supported by Mr Trond Mohn.