Sæverud Anniversary

Sæverud Anniversary



Tett på i foajeen
18.45: Pre-concert talk (in Norwegian) by Lorentz Reitan 

‘Whether you like Sæverud's music or not,’ said the great conductor Sir John Barbirolli, ‘there is never any doubt about who has written it.’

This concert celebrates the steadfast, humorous and wild world of composer Harald Sæverud, born 125 years ago in Bergen and closely associated with its orchestra, which he frequently conducted, ever since.

When the Nazis occupied Norway in 1940, the tone of Sæverud’s music shifted. His Symphonies Nos 6 and 7 are works of fierce resistance whose strong statements inspired faith, perseverance and bravery among fellow Norwegians when first performed. If the Nazis didn’t get the message via those abstract symphonies, they certainly would have from Sæverud’s ferociously determined The Ballad of Revolt for piano and orchestra.

Ingar Bergby presides over a concert combining the power of Sæverud’s symphonies, his luminous choral hymn Sjå soli på Anaripigg and his galvanizing orchestral call-to-arms Fanfare and Hymn with the world premiere of Knut Vaage’s concerto for flute and orchestra, Janus. A celebration of some of the best Norwegian music you may not know.

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