All Souls Concert

All Souls Concert

Domkirken, Bergen Cathedral 

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Beethoven wanted one work performed at his funeral in 1827: Cherubini’s Requiem in C minor. ‘If I ever write a Requiem, Cherubini’s would be my only model,’ the composer once said. 

In creating a work to commemorate Louis XVI’s death ten years earlier, Cherubini took a radical step. He dispensed with vocal soloists altogether and instead, focused his piece on the intensity of unalloyed choir and orchestra. This deeply spiritual work is often most affecting when at its quietest, revealing the composer’s gift for capturing the moment and describing the indescribable.

For this All Souls Concert at Bergen Cathedral, the orchestra is joined by the Cathedral Choir, conductor Kjetil Almenning and harpist Johannes Wik, who gives the first performance of a new version of Ørjan Matre’s spellbinding concerto for harp and orchestra “…yet from those flames no light.”

Ørjan Matre
‘’…yet from those flames no light’’, Concerto for Harp & Orchestra
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