Beethoven 250 – Symphony of Destiny

Beethoven 250 – Symphony of Destiny


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Beethoven may not have designed his symphonies as a chronological cycle, but he knew how much his audience appreciated variations in subject matter, character and style.

The contrast between Beethoven’s Fifth and Sixth Symphonies could not be more marked or energizing. From the pounding heroism of Beethoven’s Fifth – its iconic opening famously described as ‘fate knocking at the door’ – Beethoven takes his listeners for a restorative walk in the countryside with his Sixth, which quickly attracted the nickname ‘Pastoral’.

Jan Willem de Vriend, fresh from his acclaimed series of Beethoven recordings with the Netherlands Symphony Orchestra, joins us for this concert marking 250 years since Beethoven’s birth and examining two adjoining symphonies from the first decade of the nineteenth century.