Kjell Erik Husom

Kjell Erik Husom

Instrument: Bass Trombone

Kjell Erik Husom comes from Kongsvinger. He studied with Ingemar Roos at Norwegian Academy of Music and joined the Bergen Philharmonic Orchestra in 1992.

In addition to the orchestra career, Mr Husom has been festival artist at the International Trombone Festival in Finland with his own clinic and concert.

Mr Husom is very interested in performance practice and authenticity. He has commissioned a museum copy of a Sackbut in F from 1744 and is also involved in developing a classic/romantic trombone in F built by the famous instrument-maker Heinrich Thein, for use in the modern orchestra performing the 18-19th century music.

He has a large family and deeply involved in renewable energy, sustainability and consumption. He plans, delivers and builds renewable energy solutions and provides energy efficient LED lighting through his own company.

Kjell Erik Husom is an active pinball player. He collects, repairs and restores pinball machines. Otherwise he builds and fixes most things.